Dekel Abeless Law Office considered one of the leading criminal law offices in Israel.
We provide each client with professional, uncompromising legal services accompanied by personal and highest standards.

Our services include: preparation for police investigation, accompaniment of interrogation, services following arrest, representation in committees, petitions by a prisoner, representation in a hearing process, and more.

Criminal Law

✔ Representing suspects and defendants (from the police investigation stage to the stage of court proceedings).
✔ Violence offenses (assault / domestic violence offenses)
✔ Drug offenses
✔ Weapons offenses
✔ Attacking police officers
✔ Property offenses
✔ Fraud offenses
✔ Sex offenses
✔ Murder offenses
✔ Gambling offenses and more.

Traffic Law

✔ Representation of persons accused of traffic offenses driving drunk
 ✔ Driving while disqualifying
✔ Serious road accidents
 ✔ Release from detention following traffic offenses
 ✔ Quick offenses
 ✔ Disrupting offenses and more.

Entry Visas To Israel

✔ Representation in front of the Ministry of the Interior
✔ Preparing documents
✔ Handling entry visas for Palestinian citizens
✔ Removal of criminal and security prevention
✔ Submission of appeals to the District Coordination Office